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95RE: RE: [carfree_cities] Ranking US cities

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  • Ronald Dawson
    Apr 16, 2000
      Mr Nielson wrote:
      >High speed? That would be really nice. As for the long trip to St.
      >Cloud, unfortunitly that's the fastest growing part of the TC area.
      >Soon, sadly, it maybe one continuos strip of ugly development from
      >Mpls. to St. Cloud.

      No offence but, Minneapolis-St.Paul must really be sprawling, St.Cloud is
      like 70 miles away.

      >> Would this happen to be the former SOO or BN rail line right of way?

      >I don't keep track of fromer R.R. owners, but I believe it's SOO

      Thanks, but what I should have also asked is where along the Mississippi
      River that the line started. If the line was SOO's then it is either near
      Marshall St. and Lowry Ave. or near Kellogg Blvd. I should have asked this
      earlier, because just west of Vadnais Lake there was a place called Cardigan
      Jct. where the line use to split up.

      >There's also the hot idea of turning old R.R. beds into bicycle
      >trails in the Midwest right now. Minneapolis has and is planning a few. As
      >a all-season bike commuter, I obviously like the idea of having a
      >separate right of way, but something bugs me about the idea. Maybe I
      >think that these corridors are valueable and should be use for some
      >kind of public transport

      One of the positive things about the rail-trails movement is that right of
      ways would be preserved for future rail access or "railbanked". It is one
      thing to preserve a ROW of a line that was ripped up, but it's another to
      rip up a track and make a trail.
      Here is a good example http://www.railtrails.org/ . New Hampshire is one
      state that makes a good example of protecting its rail ROW's for future rail
      use that should be copied by other places.
      http://members.xoom.com/KenyonKarl/ROW-law.htm please also check
      http://members.xoom.com/KenyonKarl/ .
      There is also a group of people in California trying to rebuild the rail
      line back toward Yosemite National Park! The original line was ripped out in
      1945! One of the reasons to rebuild is to reduce the number of cars going in
      to the National Park. http://www.yvrr.com/ http://www.yvrr.com/draft.shtml

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