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9450Re: [carfree_cities] Re: Navigating future for road charges (article on Galileo) + RAIL!

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  • Todd Edelman
    Dec 31, 2005
      Simon Baddeley wrote:
      [...] people on bicycles are the trickiest to follow [...]

      Bill wrote:

      [...] The secret as he insists is to patrol his neighbourhood on bike[...]

      Todd: This is interesting, dont you think?, that cyclists are trickiest to follow but policecyclists are the trickiest to not be followed by...

      Bill, can you send a link to the story?


      While cyclists cause some mischief (yes, as a pedestrian I have almost been hit by a cyclist in Amsterdam) and hit people sometimes, I dont think they need to be licensed, because they are simply so small in so many ways compared to cars, lorries, coaches, boats, trains and planes. Requiring licences or Gailieo-based transponders etc for cyclists is not a far step away from licensing pedestrians. Everyone has to behave themselves in public - but the fact is that by their design rubber-wheeled machines without guidance such as rails or other forms of control are just plain accidents waiting to happen! So, an operator license, other electronic monitoring and a yearly brake-check (if that), etc. are the absolute least that can be done to "de-chaos" them. Of course, city buses and coaches get some slack when part of a complementary rail-centered system in countries that can/choose to afford it - at the regional level at least; I am not saying every large town or
      smaller must have trams or trains - because they put 50 or 100 people in the road space of a few cars, the drivers are supervised, etc.

      Todd, Green Idea Factory

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