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9449Re: Navigating future for road charges (article on Galileo) + RAIL!

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  • willtell9z
    Dec 31, 2005
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      Simon Baddeley <s.j.baddeley@b...> wrote:
      > Know what I like about this? Here's a clue. John le Carré says in a
      > novel that people on bicycles are the trickiest to follow.
      > If I was a criminal the
      > only cops that would worry me would be on bicycles.

      I recall about a month or so ago TV and press covering the most
      successful policeman in England. He's a beat cop who logs up
      hundreds of prosecutions/ cautions a year contrasting with most police
      who nab in only a handful of cases. The secret as he insists is to
      patrol his neighbourhood on bike.....
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