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9399The Anti-Tesco.... the WAL(k)MART... in Italy

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  • Todd Edelman
    Dec 2, 2005
      Send this to your friends who have never walked to a shop... or may soon not be able to...

      - Todd


      Truffles and parmesan at the corner shop

      Italian town centres have changed with the times, but Martin Buckley, who is in Reggio Emilia in the north, says that while many small shops have closed down, the neighbourhood food shop continues to prosper.

      Highlight, among many:
      "No mention was made of the quality of life in small, historic European towns, which are still substantially residential, or of the sense of security it gives you to walk home at night, not through deserted streets, but among fellow human beings who are busily buying the ingredients for their evening meal from shops that are open until 8pm."


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