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9022Re: [carfree_cities] Link walk

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  • Thomas C
    Aug 31, 2005
      it should have actually been:

      system/options/quiet: true
      parse read links.html http://carfree.com/links.html [
      any [thru {a href="} copy link to {"}
      (if parse link ["http" to end] [if not exists? to-url link [print
      [link " does not exist"]]] )]
      to end

      http://salzano.iuav.edu/ does not exist
      http://www.iwalktoschool.org/index1.htm does not exist
      does not exist
      http://www.bicyclingmagazine.com/ does not exist
      does not exist
      http://www.livablecities.org/mclbook.htm does not exist
      http://www.ecodesign.bc.ca does not exist
      does not exist
      http://www.people.virginia.edu/~plan303/ does not exist
      http://obelix.polito.it/forum/welcome.htm does not exist
      http://seattlelifestyle.tripod.com/cgi-bin/CommonSense.htm does not exist
      http://www.vtpi.org/railben.htm does not exist
      http://www.mlui.org/ does not exist
      http://www.flora.org/chris/ does not exist
      does not exist
      http://www.pacesource.com/urbanwatch/ does not exist
      does not exist
      http://www.iea.org/g8/world/oilsup.htm does not exist
      http://www.townbuilding.org/ does not exist
      http://www.leonardodicaprio.org/globalwarninglaunch.html does not exist
      http://www.thornley.com/car-free.html does not exist
      http://www.tstc.org/ does not exist
      http://www.vidaurbana.org/gorz.htm does not exist
      http://www.cusu.cam.ac.uk/green/ does not exist
      http://www.asg-architects.com/townplanning.html does not exist
      http://www.carfreeinstitute.org/ does not exist
      http://www.zpg.org/education/writingcontest does not exist

      The following links have extra "s (ie. ""http://..."" instead of "http://...").

      i do however recommend that people go through the links to make sure,
      and most importantly to read them ;)


      On 8/31/05, Thomas C <thomas.cr@...> wrote:
      > > If someone has time to visit all 446 links and check their
      > > status, I'd be obliged.
      > depending on the information you want to check, you might want to
      > think about scripting it...
      > rebol might be nice for that, you could use something like this:
      > parse read http://carfree.com/links.html [
      > any [thru {a href="} copy link to {">}
      > (if not exists? link [print [link " does not exist"]] )]
      > to end
      > ]
      > there might also be a useful firefox extension...
      > thomas
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