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90Re: RE: [carfree_cities] Ranking US cities

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  • Marcus Nielson
    Apr 15, 2000
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      --- In carfree_cities@egroups.com, "Ronald Dawson" <rdadddmd@t...>
      > Marcus Wrote:
      > >>Mr.Gaarder is also against some thing called "North Star" is this
      a Twin
      > >>Cities commuter rail project?
      > >Yep. The North Star is a commuter rail from St. Cloud (about 90
      miles away)
      > >to DT Mpls.
      > That's a long trip for a commuter train, if it's St.Cloud then I
      guess part
      > of the route will be shared with that of Amtrak's Empire Builder
      > (Chicago-Seattle/Portland). Maybe this train should be partially
      > tagged/connected to or on to Amtrak's Midwest Regional Rail
      Initiative, a up
      > coming higher speed train service to Chicago (80-110mph).
      > This URL is from WisDOT
      > and this one is from MN-DOT http://www.dot.state

      High speed? That would be really nice. As for the long trip to St.
      Cloud, unfortunitly that's the fastest growing part of the TC area.
      Soon, sadly, it maybe one continuos strip of ugly development from
      Mpls. to St. Cloud.

      > >Another little debate in Mpls. is the Midtown
      > >Greenway - a former train trench from the Mississippi river to the
      chain of
      > >lakes)
      > Would this happen to be the former SOO or BN rail line right of way?

      I don't keep track of fromer R.R. owners, but I believe it's SOO

      > >now being converted in a pedestrain/bikeway plus some sort of
      > >transit. The city wants a busway. The Midtown Greenway colalition
      > >LRT, and opposes buses because of the potiental polution buses
      would cause
      > >in the trench. Trolley buses were metioned as a comprimise.
      > Rail or Busway, that's a good question, but it also leads a lot of
      > questions. Capital costs, operating costs, type of equipment used,
      > distances, air/water pollution and etc. It's a complex situation
      that seems
      > to be best solved on a case by case nature.
      > Mr.Crawford would have more info.
      > Ron Dawson

      There's also the hot idea of turning old R.R. beds into bicycle
      in the Midwest right now. Minneapolis has and is planning a few. As a
      all-season bike commuter, I obviously like the idea of having a
      separate right of way, but something bugs me about the idea. Maybe I
      think that these corridors are valueable and should be use for some
      kind of public t
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