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8944Re: [carfree_cities] Time to act? Climate tipping point at hand

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  • Todd Edelman
    Aug 11, 2005
      "J.H. Crawford" <mailbox@...> wrote:

      > Can we use this to get governments to take real
      > action?

      My feeling that there needs to a HUGE increase in
      understanding in individuals about what they can and
      must do to defeat, at the top of a long list of
      BOG... and once the people are empowered with
      knowledge they can work with govenment to slay the

      Not optimistic, but I do have some ideas...

      Unless we think that, for example, a UNEP-sponsored
      worldwide TV, radio, newspaper and web campaign
      telling people to ride a bike sometimes, turn down the
      heat, insulate their home, take public transport, buy
      a Toyota Prius etc is enough of a start - or
      progressive continuation - in awareness-raising then
      we need to do something similar but stronger
      ourselves... but will the UNEP and advert agencies
      (whose donated time and contacts is necessary to make
      this affordable unless we get huge money) work with

      I dont know... but I see a TV advert of the peat bog
      monster, leaching methane... then screaming "oh no!"
      as a carfree city lands right on top of them.

      Or everyone needs to commit to convince TWO people
      about this and have that person convince two people...
      and so on...


      p.s. Genocide, slavery, smoking, oppression of
      women... we have made some progress in some places but
      it has taken many years and nothing is solved....

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