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8928Re: Car free day in Bangkok- who can ride and who cannot?

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  • Huang Eu Chai
    Aug 3, 2005
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      actually we still have this scheme in which cars are licensed for use
      either all day or only during off-peak hours and weekends. The
      licence plates are colour-coded to reflect this.

      However, off-peak cars are not completely barred from use during peak
      hours. One only need to pay a "licence" for peak-hour use for the
      day. It's basically "pay when you need to". This options saves a
      substantial amount of money in terms of taxes.

      For the full details, you could look at

      Anyway, I certainly agree that addressing the public transport issue
      must come first.

      Eu Chai
      ps. that's my name above, all of it, not just "Eu". :)

      --- In carfree_cities@yahoogroups.com, "Carlos F. Pardo"
      <cpardo@c...> wrote:
      > Eu,
      > Plate restriction is an interesting measure, and the actual Bogotá
      > has worked better than previous ones in México, Santiago de Chile,
      > These last two implemented a scheme as the one you describe for
      > but the problem was that the solution that citizens found was to
      buy an
      > additional car with the odd or pair plate that they were "missing".
      > Bogotá example complicated things a little more, since this time it
      was not
      > an even-odd scheme but rather a rotating number scheme. Also, Bogotá
      > arranged the restriction for peak hours (not the entire day), and
      this would
      > not justify buying a second car.
      > In Bangkok, this could be mentioned as well to officials, it
      actually is a
      > good idea. However, I think solving the public transport supply
      > comes first, so people can then stop using their cars.
      > Thanks for your support and attention,
      > Carlos F. Pardo
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