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8924Re: [carfree_cities] Online travel planner for NYC

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  • Richard Risemberg
    Aug 2, 2005
      Los Angeles, of all places, has an excellent online route planner on the http://www.mta.net site, and the city (MTA is county) puts out an excellent bicycle route map oriented to commuters...I found one at my local bike shop, and I am sure it is online, though having lived and ridden here for over forty years I generally know the routes so I haven't looked for it.

      Now, if only more people would use it....


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      It's nice to see something like this for the non-car-using market.
      This kind of thing is of course widely available on mapping sites,
      which will map out and give verbal directions for how to drive from
      point A to point B. But if you intend to get there by cycling or via
      public transit, the instructions are as often as not useless.
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