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8923Re: [carfree_cities] Online travel planner for NYC

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  • Christopher Miller
    Aug 2, 2005
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      It's nice to see something like this for the non-car-using market.
      This kind of thing is of course widely available on mapping sites,
      which will map out and give verbal directions for how to drive from
      point A to point B. But if you intend to get there by cycling or via
      public transit, the instructions are as often as not useless. Yeah,
      just *try* biking along that interstate/autoroute/motorway... I find
      that even ordinary, traditional paper maps are really geared toward
      car drivers: transit and cycling maps are generally only available at
      one or two transit stations or cycling shops, as the case may be,
      unlike driving maps, which you don't have to go to a car dealership
      or gas station to find. And even at that, biking maps are often
      merely designed to point out *recreational* trails, failing to show
      clearly how they link up with an area's overall road system. (I have
      gotten lost by naively relying on a bike map to clearly show such

      It sure would be nice to see non-car-centred maps become more

      On Aug 1, 2005, at 6:29 AM, Todd Edelman wrote:

      > Travel Planner Wows NY Times
      > New York City transit websites do not appear to have a
      > travel planner/search engine, so the entrepreneurs at
      > HopStop.com have stepped in to fill the gap. The New
      > York Times seems pretty impressed at this wonder of
      > technology, thought it is far from unique. Since
      > before the millennium, the German Railway's travel
      > planner has been able to show you the way from the
      > subway station Hietzing in Vienna, Austria, to the
      > Hackescher Markt commuter train station in Berlin, for
      > example. And www.Helaresan.se does the same thing for
      > domestic trips in Sweden, but also includes airlines
      > and express bus connections where relevant.
      > from:
      > http://www.eriksrailnews.com/
      > For something related which is related to freight in
      > Europe, there is also this:
      > http://www.ecotransit.org/home.html
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