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8831Re: [carfree_cities] Need a lift ? (was "elevator wars")

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  • Debra Efroymson
    Jul 5, 2005
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      If I may be allowed to speak again--in all my travels
      and years living in the developing world, I almost
      never see anyone in a wheelchair except in hospitals.
      Forget buildings; the streets and sidewalks are
      impossible. I would say there's a lot more to do
      before worrying about elevators, like sidewalks where
      there are none, or better ones where they are
      unusable. The disabled also form a group encompassing
      far more than those in wheelchairs; there are plenty
      of problems to solve in addition to access to upper

      --- Todd Edelman <traintowardsthefuture@...>

      > Hi everyone,
      > I feel bad that I contributed to pushing the
      > elevator/lift discussion to the point where people
      > were yelling, being insulting etc.
      > In this whole discussion there seemed to be just ONE
      > message from the developing world (from Anima
      > equating
      > cars with elevators in liftlite Dhaka).
      > So, my main question, which I never really asked, is
      > IF people in developing world in existing and future
      > four story buildings ARE interested in elevators
      > more
      > than "that would be nice but we have other
      > priorities". Likely the answer is no... but I would
      > feel better knowing some more opinions from these
      > regions themselves.
      > Todd
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