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  • Matt Hohmeister
    Jul 1, 2005
      As for elevator safety, in a carfree city (or for that matter, any city), I'd want the following
      required in any elevator:

      (1) Either a backup generator or, for smallish buildings (<=6 floors), some sort of system
      to automatically lower the car to the nearest floor and open the doors.

      (2) A pushbutton emergency speakerphone and a 24-hour monitoring service.

      (3) An emergency bell.

      Most elevators I've been on have all this. I once used an elevator DURING a power failure,
      thanks to an on-site propane generator.

      On the other hand, my mother was stuck on an elevator at her work during a power
      failure; an elevator tech had to shut the elevator down and get her out, as she was
      between floors.

      At Florida State University, elevator emergency phones go to the university police
      department--unfortunately. I once used one when I got stuck, and after 5 minutes of
      waiting, forced the door open and walked out--fortunately, I was on level. I called the
      police from my office, and they didn't even remember getting an elevator emergency call.

      I've heard horror stories of dorm residents using the car-top hatches to escape or
      spending 8 hours stuck in the elevators since the police seem to blow off emergency calls
      from elevators. This needs to be fixed.

      > Todd: Hey, couldnt elevator "kits" be mass produced
      > just like the whatchamacallit street cars from the
      > 1910s through 40s, with the obvious EOS (economy of
      > scale) benefits, standardisation, etc?
      > Buildings could also be designed so that the kit could
      > be installed easily and without blocking light, etc.
      > This way as the residents of a building change or grow
      > older they could choose to have one.
      > I am thinking a small one (not for freight, just big
      > enough for a wheelchair + one person) could even be
      > made to go in a space which on all floors of a
      > building is an alcove or closet inside units and just
      > inserted from above, with ceiling and floor panels
      > removed to let it happen. The other side of the space
      > would go do a central landing on each floor, etc. This
      > would still take more space but seems to be a good
      > compromise since we are deciding this all right now
      > ;-)
      > Every lift could have a theft-proof mobile phone (I
      > think something like this is required in most lifts
      > anyway).. but actually this might not be necessary
      > because there would never be a time when everyone
      > would go away from a carfree city on the
      > weekend...right?
      > Todd
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