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8787RE: [carfree_cities] best city for biking

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  • Andrew Dawson
    Jun 30, 2005
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      Hi Manfred, I was in Calgary in March. One thing that city could use is
      commuter trains plus a return of intercity(Via Rail) passenger trains.
      Especially heading towards Banff and Yoho National Parks.

      Till later, Andrew Dawson

      Manfred wrote:
      >hi everyone,
      >i do not like cars but i need to own one because i live in calgary,
      >the north american oil town. calgary is not bad for biking, at least
      >for six months but i would rather live totally car free. i also hate
      >public transportation except for some japanese or swiss experience
      >which was excellent. as a result my main means of transportation is my
      >bike. that is why i would like to know what the best city in the world
      >is for biking.
      >it is not the main focus of this forum but it is related.
      >that is why i have started up a new forum in order to discuss biking
      >infrastructure in different cities. if you are also a biker-please
      >join in order to discuss all single aspects of this topic:
      >i hope to learn from your experience and i also hope that we can make
      >something happen also as far as carfree cities are concerned.
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