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8613Re: [carfree_cities] FW: [Tr2000] Bombardier puts the brakes on N.A. high-speed train plans

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  • Todd Edelman
    Jun 3, 2005
      Dont get relaxed about the Russians, however, they
      > > made the regional DMU at the following link for
      > the
      > > Hungarians and Czech railways. Get this, folks: It
      > has
      > > a barrierfree toilet but way to get up those
      > steps:
      > >
      > http://www.cd.cz/static/old/NEW/TCD2005/5_8motor.htm
      DOUG: Wow, the floor of that unit must be four feet
      > grade. In what decade
      > was it built, and what in the world is crammed
      > underneath?

      TODD: The railcar is built by Metrowagonmas(h) and is
      a modification of a very recent metro car, which
      explains the above rail height. It is a very long
      story, but was sold (at discount?) to MAV (Hungarian
      railways) (and just one I think to Czechs) as part of
      debt repayment from Russian government. But also
      involves some possible corruption or just stupid deals
      with ex director of CD (Czech Railways). The MAV-owned
      trains are also mostly falling apart, with Russian
      crews trying to fix them.

      That article from CD newspaper also mentions that
      traincar has two spaces for wheelchairs, but not why
      this is kind of a non-issue! BUT dont give up hope,
      boys and girls, as the "On the Train" project has a
      subprogramme to promote a rebuilt-with-a-low-floor
      regional train, a GOOD programme of CD, that two car
      DMU (articulated railbus?) that I already mentioned in
      another post and am about to mention again in a new
      one, maybe.


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