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8610Re: [carfree_cities] FW: [Tr2000] Bombardier puts the brakes on N.A. high-speed train plans

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  • Andrew Dawson
    Jun 3, 2005
      I wouldn't be surprised if the Mexicans would have true high speed rail
      before the USA or Canada, even the Chinese and the Russians are further
      ahead than us. I guess the governments of those of us living north of the
      Mexican boarder are just too lazy and stupid to know any better.

      Till later, Andrew Dawson

      Todd Edelman wrote:
      >Following this, some possibilities for American HSR,
      >or, rather, HSR in the Americas! (I realise that
      >Mexico has almost no passenger services now and that
      >this line will need to be coordinated with bus
      >services in order to serve people in between the
      >cities... as there are only two intermdediate stops
      >High speed to Guadalajara
      >PROPOSALS to develop a network of high speed passenger
      >railways in Mexico moved forward at the end of April,
      >when the Ministry of Communications & Transport
      >appointed Systra to assist with drawing up tenders for
      >the first route.
      >The Mexican government has been developing its
      >strategy since 2002, and expects to launch a
      >competition in mid-2005 for construction of a 300km/h
      >line between Mexico City and Guadalajara. With
      >intermediate stations serving Quer�taro and Irapuato,
      >the route would serve a catchment area with around 28
      >million inhabitants. The aim is to cut the journey
      >time between the two cities to 2h.
      >Systra is being supported by a local firm providing
      >legal assistance, and by Sintra SA de CV on technology
      >transfer and integration issues. In the second phase
      >of the project, Systra will assist the ministry with
      >drawing up contracts and concession documents covering
      >design, construction and operation of the double-track
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