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8606Re: [carfree_cities] Rail & Rubber

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  • Todd Edelman
    Jun 3, 2005

      Related to this discussion of the supercapacitor-tram,
      it would not be a possible scheme for shorter distance
      regional trains (typical European "railbuses" )
      running on non-electrifried corridors as station
      distances would be too great, right? From 2 to 5km, I

      Or would this be solved in a hybrid, where an engine
      of some sort would take over as necessary?


      Also related: For "On the Train to the Future!"
      project I am proposing a reconstructed railbus which
      could be powered by one of various "alternative fuels"
      which would also be "distributed sources": local and
      renewable things like individual windmills, biogas
      from waste or factories, etc. It could be done in
      conjunction with European Commission DG Research
      funded programme "EU Deep" www.eu-deep.com (one of the
      partners also makes the engines for a railbus renewal
      scheme here in Czechia,so MAYBE I am "half way

      If anyone can look at the summary of the proposal, let
      me know off-list. I might have to send it as an

      Todd, Prague

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