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8601Re: [carfree_cities] Berlusconi was carfree developer?

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  • Doug Salzmann
    Jun 1, 2005
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      Gee, thanks, Erik. You've utterly shredded my worldview ;^)

      OTOH, if the Italians and the courts ever finally get it together to throw
      the bum out, we can assign him useful work.

      Now, to track down Brugherio...


      On Wed, 1 Jun 2005, erik_rauch wrote:

      > I pass along this odd piece of information I ran across:
      > http://www.myrome.co.uk/rome/community.htm
      > "Silvio Berlusconi started his professional life as a building contractor. In 1962 he founded
      > "Cantieri Riuniti Milanesi" and in 1964 he began the construction of the residential area of
      > Brugherio, which can be considered as innovative for that time as it proposed the idea of 'a
      > city without cars'".

      Doug Salzmann
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