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8446Re: [carfree_cities] Transport Policy? An Explanation for

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  • Simon Baddeley
    May 4, 2005
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      I disagree about the noise of trains being as noxious as that of
      automobiles. What I find so noxious about freeway noise is the almost
      constant "tearing" roar of tyres on asphalt on all sides of a road as it
      "rips" through great swathes of land blighting it it with a constant low key
      roar audible for miles. The railway train is noisy at the time it passes but
      the sound is intermittent and not unrelenting. After a train passes through
      a rural valley the restoration of serenity is almost palpable.

      One can set one's watch by some regular trains and there is something rather
      special about the sound of a train horn in the night. Yes it must be rough
      if the track of a city rail system passes right by your apartment window -
      and this is a classic signal of the impoverished city apartment shaking from
      floor to ceiling as the train goes by.


      On 5/5/05 5:03 am, "Mike Morin" <mikemorin@...> wrote:

      >> If motorists were ever
      >> forced to pay the *TRUE* cost of driving, say, from Cleveland to
      >> Chicago, guess what? The comparative cost of a passenger train
      >> ticket would look pretty darn good, wouldn't it?
      > As much as I detest automobiles, the noise that trains make are equally as
      > noxious. Trains would be OK if people didn't live by the tracks. But they
      > do. Simiilar things could be said about highways and busy streets.
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