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8441Transport Policy? An Explanation for

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  • Andrew Dawson
    May 4, 2005
      Fred M. Cain wrote:
      >Well, maybe not. It'd make a big difference if the highway and
      >airport modes would just be made to pay their full share. One
      >thing, I believe, that could be done would to convert the Interstate
      >Highway System along with all other major superhighways to "pay-as-
      >you-go" tollways. 100% of the maintenance costs would be required
      >to come directly from tolls. This would then in turn permit the
      >complete elimination of the federal fuel tax.
      >Once this system's in place, the tollways could then be sold to the
      >private sector. Then, the tolls would not only be required for
      >maintenance, but for property taxes and shareholder distributions.

      One thing about having tolls on Interstates is that they are just trunk
      roads. There are a lot feeder roads that wouldn't be tolled. It's like with
      railways mainlines are profitable but branches aren't always. It's also rare
      to see roads get abandoned.

      >"Conservatives" that like to have one standard for passenger
      >train "profitability" and another for highways don't like such a
      >suggestion. Nor should they be expected to. If motorists were ever
      >forced to pay the *TRUE* cost of driving, say, from Cleveland to
      >Chicago, guess what? The comparative cost of a passenger train
      >ticket would look pretty darn good, wouldn't it?

      The accounting gets confusing. Wendell Cox always complained about the cost
      of a new rider for a transit system, but he never complained about the cost
      of a new driver or the loss of a passenger.
      Then again Cox and numbers mix like crude oil and salt water.

      Till later, Andrew Dawson
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