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8440Re: [carfree_cities] Re: 20mph/30kph minimum (was: free? parking)

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  • Todd Edelman
    May 4, 2005
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      In a follow-up to my earlier message, my wife (the
      driver in the
      house) informed me that 20mph is about the slowest she
      can drive for
      extended periods. Does anyone else have anecdotal
      evidence to support
      that? I know it's the wrong list to ask, but perhaps
      there are a few
      recovered drivers out there. ;)


      Todd: 20mph or 30kph (30km) is the standard MAX.
      operating speed for a growing number of built up areas
      in European towns.

      Here is some info if you are new to this:

      "Tempo 30" campaign from VCD in Germany (in German,
      use Babelfish or other translator):
      click on "kampagnen" at top,
      click on "Mehr Tempo 30" down the page...

      VCD is the alternative mobility assoc. in Germany to
      ADAC and includes trains, bikes, even walking as part
      of full hearty German offering of mobility.

      "Cycling: The way ahead" at

      see pages 35 to 36 starting with "Combining safety
      measures" and including very excellent graphs which
      you should convert into mph as necessary for your own
      purposes! No permission necessary, just polite mention
      of source.


      I once did a 30kph test with a friend in Prague in my
      neighborhood. On level streets where speed limit is
      normally 50kph 30 seemed slow (darn!) but problem was
      going up a long hill, where car "didnt like" going
      30kph due to transmission ratios - it was revving too
      high for 2nd gear... but 3rd would be a problem too.
      This is for a manual transmission of course, which
      almost all European cars have as standard.

      I dont understand the problem with anything under
      20/30 being a problem on level surfaces and automatic
      transmissions. Probably American or all automobile
      engineers dont really think anyone wants to go that
      slow except in the parking lot, drive thru, or
      automatic car wash, so they optimise throttle for
      higher speeds.?

      I just thought of a idea related to this, but to find
      out more you are gonna have to contact me OFF-LIST.
      Hint: Cruise control.

      Todd, World Recovered Drivers Net(foot)work

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