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8291Re: [carfree_cities] strange bedfellows

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  • Todd Edelman
    Apr 15, 2005
      Hey Group,

      In response to my commentary on the tryst (trust?) of
      the Conservatives / Neo-Cons and the NRDC, my father

      > Funny...your letter.
      > Gas prices, adjusted to inflation, were higher in
      > the 70's..."oil
      > crisis." Diesel for my VW Rabbit (Golf) was cheaper
      > gasoline.
      > Otec (Slovak for "father")

      To which I responded:

      Dear Member of the "You think this is bad?!? 500
      million years ago we didn't even have bones..."

      The difference now, more than thirty years on, is that
      despite the reduction in automobile size and
      increase in efficiency and blah, blah, blah it is
      becoming common knowledge (based on scientific
      evidence) that that oil production will be decreasing

      Also, there is more environmental awareness and
      possibly more war fatigue, though how these ultimately
      affect things is a mixed-bag.

      So, back in the "oil crisis" people bought Rabbits
      (which evidence has showed breed like crazy) and now
      in the "(too early to give it a name) crisis" people
      are buying Priai (plural of Prius?) which like the
      name itself feels like something but means less than
      we want to believe.

      The interesting thing is if the perception that gas is
      more expensive now is based on something more than
      distortions of memory... if and how people are
      becoming more cognizant of the other costs of car
      ownership (everything from high repair costs to high
      environmental and societal costs).

      Maybe automobile associations will tell people to
      "blame it on oil prices" when announcing car divorce,
      rather than individual and group decisions from the
      conscious to the unconscious.


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