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8186Re: Lindbergh City Center Transit Oriented Development

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  • Larry Felton Johnson
    Mar 8, 2005
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      However :-)

      It did occur to me that some of the other people perusing this list
      may not have Atlanta figured out, so for the benefit of others, I'll
      take stabs at the questions, even though you've provided an
      authoritative answer (those in a hurry might just want to skim down to
      the word "no" at the bottom, and save yourselves the bother of
      actually reading about the specifics of the neighborhoods).

      --- In carfree_cities@yahoogroups.com, "emccaughrin"
      <emccaughrin@y...> wrote:

      > I'm not particularly familiar with the neighborhood, so perhaps you
      > can answer the standard "TOD" questions

      Actually "neighborhoods" would be more accurate.
      Here are a pair of mapquest links. The first is oriented to
      Peachtree, the second to Piedmont. Lindbergh Drive is the common bond.


      South of Lindbergh is Peachtree Hills, and is dominated by large
      apartment complexes from various eras to the east (adjacent to tje
      southside of Lindbergh Station) and a collection of postwar minimal
      traditionals and ranch houses to the west (closer to Peachtree).

      North of Lindbergh is Garden Hills (pre-WWI suburb) and Peachtree
      Height East (haven't walked it in awhile, but my memory has it pegged
      as post WWII suburban form. Denser than modern suburb, but not urban).

      To the East of Piedmont is the Lindbergh/Morosgo area (the last time I
      walked around there mostly apartment buildings, heavily Latino, with
      ranch houses around the periphery).

      > Will there be a supermarket in walking distance? Will the kids be
      > able to walk to school? How about a nearby hardware store?
      > Drugstore? Dentist? Hairdresser?

      There is already a supermarket, elementery school, hardware store, and
      druggist in walking distance of the East neighborhoods. I'm not sure
      about dentists and hairdressers, but the chance of those facilities
      not being along Peachtree is slim. The problem with the Buckhead
      neighborhoods (at least those near Peachtree or Piedmont_ has never
      been lack of amenities within walking distance. It's been the
      conditions for walking.

      The walking conditions are not ideal in the north neighborhoods, but
      they're not horrible either, and this has little to do with the
      Lindbergh MARTA station.

      > Has the city rezoned the land within (at least) a 1-mile radius of
      > the station to be very high-density, mixed-use? Have the mandatory
      > parking requirements been eliminated, or greatly reduced?

      Don't know what sort of zoning was applied, or if the whole thing was
      handled through variances, but if the dynamic with the neighborhood
      associations followed the normal pattern, high density was probably
      nixed except in the areas already dominated be apartments. When I
      find out I'll post it here.

      > Knowing Atlanta, I suspect that the answer to most of these
      > questions is "no".

      Once again, being a long time Atlantan, it's nice to know someone who
      can talk about the intown neighborhoods with authority. Most people
      just spout cliches about the city.

      > As such, this is yet another misuse of the
      > term "TOD". While it's nice that it makes you personally happy, most
      > of us have slightly higher standards, particuarly if taxpayers are
      > spending a fortune subsidizing a vastly underperforming heavy-rail
      > metro line nearby.
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