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8183Re: [carfree_cities] Re: Lindbergh City Center Transit Oriented Development

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  • Larry Felton Johnson
    Mar 8, 2005
      On Tue, Mar 08, 2005 at 07:40:52PM -0000, emccaughrin wrote:
      > While it's nice that it makes you personally happy, most
      > of us have slightly higher standards

      (and imagine the smiley face in advance, so that you don't imagine
      there's any irony whatever in my retort)

      I'm so glad of that.

      Atlanta has become more of an abstract cultural symbol than an actual place
      for many people. Part of the reason from my oneliner is that you
      presented a list of questions, then answered them rhetorically
      yourself (about 80% wrong, but who am I to quibble?)

      I don't normally flame, but criminy, if you're an expert on Atlanta,
      don't bother to ask questions of me ... I'm just an easily pleased
      individual of unpardonably low standards.


      Pete: Who elected you leader of this outfit?

      Ulysses Everett McGill: Well Pete, I figured it should be the one with
      the capacity for abstract thought.
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