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8182Re: Lindbergh City Center Transit Oriented Development

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  • emccaughrin
    Mar 8, 2005
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      --- In carfree_cities@yahoogroups.com, Larry Felton Johnson
      <larryj@g...> wrote:
      > While you are correct about the overprovision of parking, the
      > template I always apply in evaluating a project like this is
      > simply asking myself if I'm likely to use it, and if it's
      > generally a piece in the puzzle of fitting together an
      > intown area where it's possible to function without a car.
      > Once the retail is built out the answer to both questions
      > is clearly yes.

      I'm not particularly familiar with the neighborhood, so perhaps you
      can answer the standard "TOD" questions:

      Will there be a supermarket in walking distance? Will the kids be
      able to walk to school? How about a nearby hardware store?
      Drugstore? Dentist? Hairdresser?

      Has the city rezoned the land within (at least) a 1-mile radius of
      the station to be very high-density, mixed-use? Have the mandatory
      parking requirements been eliminated, or greatly reduced?

      Knowing Atlanta, I suspect that the answer to most of these
      questions is "no". As such, this is yet another misuse of the
      term "TOD". While it's nice that it makes you personally happy, most
      of us have slightly higher standards, particuarly if taxpayers are
      spending a fortune subsidizing a vastly underperforming heavy-rail
      metro line nearby.
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