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8052Bogota carfree day update

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  • adolfo restrepo
    Feb 3, 2005
      Carfree day first occurred in La Rochelle France 1997
      In 2000 Bogota voted by referdendum to implement
      annual carfree day

      carfree day update feb 3, 20005

      Over a million cars taken off the streets

      83 tickets to car owners, tickets for circulating on
      car free dat are almost 100 dollars where minimum wage
      is about 150 dollars a month

      92 tickets given to bike owners

      NO2 levels down 62%

      CO2 levels demonstrate no significant reduction,
      attributed largely to public transport

      Sound pollution reduction down 1.8 decibles

      Business associations claimed that sales were down by
      42% during 2004 carfree day yet citizens surveyed
      continue to show strong support for carfree day

      best regards,
      gustavo a. ortiz

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