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8047Re: [carfree_cities] Re: American rickshaws?

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  • Debra Efroymson
    Feb 1, 2005
      Not to prolong an unnecessary discussion but in
      Bangladesh (a country of 140 million people), they
      call the three-wheel model a rickshaw. Pedicab may
      indeed be useful as an international term, but it is
      meaningless here, where rickshaws are still a main
      source of transport.

      --- Karen Sandness <ksandness@...> wrote:

      > Just a picky little correction: a rickshaw (from the
      > Japanese
      > "jinrikisha") is a two-wheeled passenger vehicle,
      > sort of like a pony
      > cart, only with a person playing the role of pony.
      > They were banned in
      > China under the Communist government, and they are
      > extinct in Japan,
      > except as novelty rides in tourist spots or as a way
      > for high-class
      > geisha to arrive at an appointment.
      > The discussion here is apparently about pedicabs,
      > which are not used to
      > any great extent in Japan but which seemed to be the
      > freight vehicle of
      > choice in China when I was there in 1990 and were
      > even used as taxicabs
      > in some cities.
      > In transit,
      > Karen Sandness
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