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7899Re: [carfree_cities] The Dynamics of Short Transport

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  • J.H. Crawford
    Jan 2, 2005
      Hi Erik,

      Thanks for the review.

      >Some comments on the article in Carfree Times. The figures given for
      >cars seem to be based on an auto-oriented city (which is appropriate if
      >you are comparing modes of urban development). But I think driving is
      >much less practical in a dense city. For example, in Boston where I
      >lived for seven years, 400 meters or more is a typical distance from a
      >parking spot to one's home or destination, so the overhead time is much
      >longer, and it is impractical for short distances.

      "These assumptions are very optimistic and could only be realized if the driver were one of just a few using this mode; otherwise much more waiting at intersections would arise, along with more time to park."

      Doesn't that pretty well cover it?

      >The spacing of metro stops makes a big difference, as was mentioned in
      >the book.
      >My commute was 6 km and took 45 minutes by metro (with one transfer),
      >mainly because the stops are too far apart except in the downtown area,
      >and secondarily because the average wait times are too long. 20 minutes
      >of the was walking and 8 was waiting. This is why the bicycle cannot be
      >beat for most trips in this city (in my case it took half the time).

      In reality, in most places, if you dare to ride a bike,
      you get there first. Here in Lisbon, I wouldn't dare,
      and neither does anybody else (well, there are a few....)

      Fortunately, the metros seem to run on about 5-6 minute headways
      during the day, with trains coming amazingly often during rush
      hour, maybe 3 minutes. It's a good system, fortunately for me.

      Anything coming of your meeting with Rob?



      -- ### --

      J.H. Crawford Carfree Cities
      mailbox@... http://www.carfree.com
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