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7898The Dynamics of Short Transport

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  • Erik Rauch
    Jan 2, 2005
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      Some comments on the article in Carfree Times. The figures given for
      cars seem to be based on an auto-oriented city (which is appropriate if
      you are comparing modes of urban development). But I think driving is
      much less practical in a dense city. For example, in Boston where I
      lived for seven years, 400 meters or more is a typical distance from a
      parking spot to one's home or destination, so the overhead time is much
      longer, and it is impractical for short distances.

      The spacing of metro stops makes a big difference, as was mentioned in
      the book.
      My commute was 6 km and took 45 minutes by metro (with one transfer),
      mainly because the stops are too far apart except in the downtown area,
      and secondarily because the average wait times are too long. 20 minutes
      of the was walking and 8 was waiting. This is why the bicycle cannot be
      beat for most trips in this city (in my case it took half the time).
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