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7737Re: [carfree_cities] RE: Visualize Car-Free Illichville.

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  • Richard Risemberg
    Oct 17, 2004
      Andrew Dawson wrote:
      > Richard Risemberg wrote:

      >>The "rugged individual" myth translates in reality
      >>into an I'll-get-mine-fuck-you attitude, and so I'd rather *not* be
      >>sharing my trolley tracks with 6,000 horsepower GE line engines pulling
      >>10,000 tons of Toyotas across the country.
      > I've been in the cab many times and I can't say I have ever seen that kind
      > of attitude amongst engineers or motormen. I've seen this "up yours"
      > mentality on highways though.
      Sorry, didn't mean to imply that engine-drivers were that way--I meant
      that a studied lack of maintenance could result in a collision, which
      would be most unfortunate for the occupants of the lighter vehicle.

      Sloppy track maintenance seems to be to blame for most RR wrecks--there
      was one just today in LA, and I saw one with my own eyes a few years
      ago, fortunately a minor accident. And there was the train that someone
      sent down the long grade west of Summit with an incorrect weight listing
      on the manifest, resulting in a horrible 90mph derailment that destroyed
      several houses....

      My apologies to the hand on the throttle!

      Richard Risemberg

      "I like liberals. They gave us the five-day workweek; ended child labor;
      invented unemployment insurance, Social Security and Medicare; and led
      us, despite fierce opposition from 'America First' pseudo-patriots on
      the political right, to victory over fascism in World War II. Liberals
      also ended racial segregation and gave women the vote."

      Robert Scheer
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