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7736Re: [carfree_cities] RE: Visualize Car-Free Illichville.

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  • Andrew Dawson
    Oct 17, 2004
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      Richard Risemberg wrote:
      > > (The difference between heavy rail and light rail is mainly in
      > > the collision resistance of the vehicles, with heavy-rail vehicles
      > > built to fare reasonably well in collisions with other heavy-rail
      > > equipment.)
      > >
      > > Germany has been experimenting with some mixed operations. Clearly,
      > > there is a risk involved, but if the operation is well thought out,
      > > it ought to be acceptable.
      >I have little faith that it would work well in the Land of the Cheap and
      >the Home of the Knave...we have a cult of operational sloppiness here in
      >the US, and of sloughing off on maintenance and staff to increase
      >shareholder profits.

      Valid point, in North America corparate/political leaders are often not very
      acountable even to shareholders and not to mention voters.

      >The "rugged individual" myth translates in reality
      >into an I'll-get-mine-fuck-you attitude, and so I'd rather *not* be
      >sharing my trolley tracks with 6,000 horsepower GE line engines pulling
      >10,000 tons of Toyotas across the country.

      I've been in the cab many times and I can't say I have ever seen that kind
      of attitude amongst engineers or motormen. I've seen this "up yours"
      mentality on highways though.

      Till later, Andrew Dawson

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