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7734Re: [carfree_cities] RE: Visualize Car-Free Illichville.

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  • Richard Risemberg
    Oct 17, 2004
      J.H. Crawford wrote:
      > (The difference between heavy rail and light rail is mainly in
      > the collision resistance of the vehicles, with heavy-rail vehicles
      > built to fare reasonably well in collisions with other heavy-rail
      > equipment.)
      > Germany has been experimenting with some mixed operations. Clearly,
      > there is a risk involved, but if the operation is well thought out,
      > it ought to be acceptable.
      I have little faith that it would work well in the Land of the Cheap and
      the Home of the Knave...we have a cult of operational sloppiness here in
      the US, and of sloughing off on maintenance and staff to increase
      shareholder profits. The "rugged individual" myth translates in reality
      into an I'll-get-mine-fuck-you attitude, and so I'd rather *not* be
      sharing my trolley tracks with 6,000 horsepower GE line engines pulling
      10,000 tons of Toyotas across the country.

      Germany and Japan have cults of operational precision and try to do the
      job right even if it might cut profits...even Japan runs its freight at
      night when there are few passenger trains about, and bullet trains have
      dedicated ROW. We're slowly heading towards a bullet-train system ehre
      in California, but I sure as hell hope Tutor-Saliba doesn't get the
      job...as the subway they overcharged us on requires almost continuous
      track maintenance...they probably stand a good chance though.

      Sorry for the gloom, it's been a really bad two weeks.

      Richard Risemberg

      "I like liberals. They gave us the five-day workweek; ended child labor;
      invented unemployment insurance, Social Security and Medicare; and led
      us, despite fierce opposition from 'America First' pseudo-patriots on
      the political right, to victory over fascism in World War II. Liberals
      also ended racial segregation and gave women the vote."

      Robert Scheer
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