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7704Re: [carfree_cities] Theory, Culture & Society - Automobilities issue

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  • Simon Baddeley
    Oct 1, 2004
      Dear Andie

      Indeed "pacified by rapid movement without arousal ....". These academics
      have been there, seen that, got the T-shirt - or so I think from a fleeting
      scan. Thanks for posting these. Fabulous!

      Take Featherstone: "Yet the experience of driving cannot be held as a
      neutral factor and as Edensor (2004) argues, driving slowly in a car with
      the windows wound down, through an Indian street full of activity,
      sensations and distractions, is a very different autoscape from a Western
      urban motorway with its underpasses and flyovers designed to minimize
      aesthetic interruptions. The experience of driving through the city, Richard
      Sennett (1994: 15) remarks is symptomatic of how urban space has become Œa
      mere function of motion¹, encouraging a Œtactile sterility¹ in which the
      body is Œpacified¹ by rapid movement without arousal (cited in Edensor,
      2004). One thinks here of the dominance of the car in certain cities such as
      Los Angeles, where nearly half the land amounts to car-only environments
      (Urry, 2000: 193). The urban motorway or freeway, as a featureless space to
      pass through on the way to somewhere else, could be taken to suggest that
      driving in the city is a much impoverished experience when compared to
      walking (for a critique of this position and the work of de Certeau see
      Nigel Thrift [2004]/this issue)."


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