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7663Re: [carfree_cities] RE: ETT and Canterbury Tales

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  • Simon Baddeley
    Sep 17, 2004
      Cars will spread but in an increasingly tightly regulated and bureaucratised
      road environment. In this sense the arguments about efficiency make a sort
      of sense - especially for road freight, and as the internal combustion
      engine is replaced by more eco-friendly power sources).

      But the freedom of the car is highly conditional - but try explaining that
      to the new breed of highly politicised petrol heads taken in by those ads of
      cars driving along empty roads (in Bosnia? South East Turkey?).

      These dopes are equipping (or buying pre-equipped) cars with telemetry and
      accompanying paperwork that will further embed their "personal transport
      units" in a regulated infrastructure equivalent to that which now manages
      flying. The last real car drivers are the fly boy joy riders but they will
      increasingly become out priced outlaws - as has happened with motorcycles
      now mainly used by the wealthy or dispatch riders. Cars will be highly
      controlled office spaces from which "drivers" (actually the old type driver
      - unless on a test track - is becoming increasingly a passenger) will
      communicate their wish not only to find a parking space but a travel slot in
      convoys. Explore the websites on the future of the car. Sure it will be
      designed to play on the old toad dreams (poop poop) of the freedom of the
      road - but I predict the opening of the Jeremy Clarkson Heritage Motorway -
      a stretch of 20 miles or so of asphalt where nostalgic drivers can gather at
      weekends to recover the joys of vroom vroom and speedophilia.

      Simon (who started cycling after the freedom went out of driving)

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      > Subject: Re: [carfree_cities] RE: ETT and Canterbury Tales
      >> Eventually bikes and trains proved to be unsustainable because
      >> of the greater efficiency of the car, motorcycle and airplane.
      > =v= What an odd statement. The latter three are *far* less
      > efficient and sustainable than the former three!
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