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7656Re: [carfree_cities] RE: ETT and Canterbury Tales

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  • Jym Dyer
    Sep 16 6:56 PM
      > Eventually bikes and trains proved to be unsustainable because
      > of the greater efficiency of the car, motorcycle and airplane.

      =v= What an odd statement. The latter three are *far* less
      efficient and sustainable than the former three!

      =v= Indeed, I would argue that the domination of cars and planes
      can be attributed in part to their inefficiency. These modes
      consume more oil, thereby making oil interests wealthier and
      more powerful than when trains were doing the consuming. These
      interest have in turn arranged massive subsidies for fuel, the
      building and maintenance of roads and airports, and just about
      everything else that has to do with cars and planes. Actual
      costs become "externalities," out of sight, out of mind, for
      others to pay. (Perhaps this qualifies as "efficiency" in a
      certain convoluted economic model? Help me out here.)

      =v= Sustainable? The "externalized" costs of ecological
      damage from (non-newable) gasoline, exhaust, roads, airports,
      ozone depletion, toxic tire dust, and even lead poisoning from
      cars' wheel weights are Staggering! While bikes and rail are
      of course not zero-impact, they aren't even in the same league
      as cars and airplanes.
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