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7655RE: [carfree_cities] RE: ETT and Canterbury Tales

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  • Daryl Oster
    Sep 16, 2004
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      > From: CEB [mailto:cyklopraha@...]

      > Like any technology, ETT is no panacea. As for me, the most fun train ride
      > I ever had was on the way to the Towards Carfree Cities conference in
      > Berlin:
      > I rode by bike on part of our proposed Greenway directly into the main
      > train station

      Todd, are you saying bikes and trains are the panacea? At one time trains
      and bikes had overwhelming market share, as they were seen as a panacea
      verses the toil of walking or forcing an animal to toil. Eventually bikes
      and trains proved to be unsustainable because of the greater efficiency of
      the car, motorcycle and airplane.

      Bikes and trains cannot solve the problems of cars and planes - the proof is
      70 years old! ETT can and will solve most of the problems of cars and
      planes (and eventually cause a few new problems). A small minority refuse
      to use cars, preferring walking, horses, trains or bikes; the same will be
      true with ETT - some will insist on cars and flight - perhaps if even just
      occasionally for fun.

      > It takes a long time to get somewhere because it takes a long time to get
      > somewhere....how would "The Canterbury Tales" ever have been written if we
      > all travelled around as pieces of advert-reading meat in anti-gravity
      > vacuum tubes?
      > I am no apologist for sloth. Everything has its appropriate use. First,
      > reduce the need for mobility.....
      > Todd, Steering Committee, World Carfree Network

      Todd, do you apply your anti-tech arguments to e-mail vs snail mail? I know
      several people who praise the virtues of postal mail, and look down their
      noises on those of us who only use e-mail. Reducing the need for mobility
      is like reducing the need for communication -- yes it COULD work, but it is
      not socially sustainable, as the vast majority of people are interested in
      improving the quality of life through more choices, and the time to exercise

      Yes we could all live in isolation on mini-farms, or live as nomadic
      hunter-gathers, the environmental impact would be much worse, and many more
      species would be extinct -- or there would be a big die-off in human

      Most people who live in urban environs believe they can get by quite well
      without mobility. In fact urbanites are wholly dependant on long distance
      mobility of food, water, and waste for their very existence.

      Most people (even car hating urbanites) quickly see the huge social,
      environmental, safety, and energy advantages of ETT compared with trains,
      cars and planes.

      Daryl Oster
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