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7622Re: [carfree_cities] Report from Manhattan: Polie harassment of Critical Mass protestors

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  • Jym Dyer
    Sep 1, 2004
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      | When people drive many more than 5,000 cars down Manhattan
      | streets everyday causing wrecks, injuries, and air pollution,
      | thats not a problem? Why didn't the 'government respond in
      | this manner' to any of the previous rides that drew more than
      | a thousand cyclists?"

      =v= The ACLU is asking the same question.

      =v= I saw the arrests. Basically the police blocked off a
      street (causing far more traffic jamming than Critical Mass
      ever did), then drove a bunch of scooters into the crowd
      and arrested a bunch of people indiscriminately.

      =v= I was arrested myself while walking my bicycle on the
      sidewalk during Sunday's Bike Bloc ride ("Critical Mass
      style," it sez on the flyer). Again, basically a roundup
      of people arrested indiscriminately.
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