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7620September Issue of The New Colonist

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  • Richard Risemberg
    Aug 31, 2004
      The September issue of The New Colonist is online and available now at

      This month's features:

      * A Day without a Car in Los Angeles
      David Espinoza faces the great gray unknown....
      * The Appeal of Fascism
      Richard Risemberg wonders why the hell we put up with Dubya and
      his clan....
      * Gentrification and Renewal
      Eric Miller explores the perceptions and realities of
      * Concierge
      Our Concierge page offers helpful services such as worldwide
      weather forecasts, hotel and airfare searches, events listings,
      classifieds, and a currency exchange calculator, with more on the way!
      * Vox Civitatis
      Our weblog, with (nearly) daily entries by your editors and an
      assortment of invited commentators offering views and musings on the
      state of cities and sustainability today and in the future.

      And of course a wealth of reviews, essays, stories, and other resources
      in our more than 500-article Archive!
      Richard Risemberg

      "It's my duty to fight those who have chosen to belong to the party of
      death, those who say they receive their orders from God somewhere and
      believe they have a duty to set the world on fire to achieve their own
      salvation, whether they are in the warrens of Iraq, or in the White
      House. I prefer to be a card-carrying member of the party of life."

      Wole Soyinka
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