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7524Re: PRT anti-transit Disinformation

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  • Matt Hohmeister
    Jul 16, 2004
      Yes, I have noticed this too. I can rattle off a list of the behaviors of typical Americans:

      - Demand the freedom to use a car at city taxpayers' expense, yet unwilling to live in the
      city limits to avoid city taxes.

      - Says cars are all about freedom, but they also want to force their lifestyle upon others--
      think about all the municipal codes forcing property owners to provide free parking.

      And you're right about going to Europe. I have heard countless Americans spend a week or
      three over there, comment on how much they love the lifestyle there and using the metro,
      and the second they get home, become homebound again unless their car is available.

      You have an excellent point about "unpaid taxi service". Your typical suburban American
      who claims to enjoy driving probably does not enjoy the drive to and from work. Even
      someone who wants a "nice car" and spends $40,000 or more on it will not enjoy their
      drive home from work.

      > Absolutely. When I get on teh buses and trains here, I see people
      > reading or listening to Walkmans, sure, but I also see lots of people
      > chatting happily with each other, and often end up in conversations with
      > strangers myself. When I look out the window of the bus at the people
      > in cars, I see a bunch of grim-faced automatons doing unpaid taxi
      > service for themselves in the name of status. Fuck it.
      > We are social animals. We are healthier when we live in a community.
      > Our communities are healthier when they allow people to meet with, even
      > semi-anonymously, with others both similar to and different from
      > themselves. This makes life richer and safer, and all of us happier.
      > Waht is it with Americans? Why must they consistently behave like
      > sullen thirteen year olds who hide in their rooms but still expect mom
      > and dad to drop off the tray of dinner at their door and do their
      > laundry? No wonder we have the highest murder and drug use rates in the
      > world here. We isolate ourselves like monkeys volunteering for a
      > contact deprivation experiment, and desperately cling to the baling-wire
      > mommy of the TV set.
      > Then we go to Paris on vacation and wonder why we feel so good walking
      > the busy sidewalks and sitting in a crowded cafe on a busy square.
      > Transit ROCKS. I make friends, watch dramas and comedies unfold, hear
      > the poetry of life--and get to work. I could save fifty bucks a month
      > by riding my bicycle instead, but when I do it I really miss the
      > sensation of being part of life.
      > Socrates said, "Fields and trees teach me nothing. The people in a city
      > do." Well, sitting in a mobile cubicle all alone, be it a car or a PRT
      > vehicle, teaches you far less. Fuck it.
      > Richard
      > --
      > Richard Risemberg
      > http://www.living-room.org
      > http://www.newcolonist.com
      > "Until you stop looking for simple answers, you will not be happy. You
      > will not even be human."
      > RR
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