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7518Re: transit and the single rider

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  • hcfdave
    Jul 15, 2004
      Another aspect of this is that autoholics enter a completely
      altered state of conciousness when ...'behind the wheel'...
      They can forget about everything except their immediate
      vdeo-game mentakity, which the various fad technologies in
      newer cars accentuates. Often you hear autoholics say. "Yeah,
      my commute is therapeutic!"
      No matter that this ...'therapy'... all too often ends in murder and
      suicide, spews incredible amounts of deadly poisons into the
      air, and makes thae city virtually unlivable for everyone else! (as
      well as causing global warming and sucking the earth dry of
      ever-scarcer resources.
      Cars indeed ...ssssSUCK!! (the lifeblood of the earth, as well
      as ssSPEW!! poisons into it!...)
      DaveS (nocarsdave@...)

      (written in reply to the following and others...:
      > >>>This is another of the popular reasons why people avoid
      riding transit
      > >>>if they have any choice. We just don't like to sit close to
      > >>>It's not "pandering" to accomodate this; city people don't
      > >>>in large vilage-like groups.
      > >>>
      > >>>...I wonder if transit would get a whole lot more popular if
      most of the
      > >>>seats were singles?
      > >>>
      > >>>
      > >>I'm always baffled when I hear comments like this. Those
      who "don't like
      > >>to sit next to strangers" would do themselves a tremendous
      service to get
      > >>out of their comfort zones and rub shoulders with the "other"
      once in a
      > >>while. After experiencing this sort of thing for a while, many
      > >>choose it.
      > >>
      > But aren't we always forced to encounter strangers anyhow? In
      > supermarkets there's people
      > behind you and in front you lined up for the cash register. In
      > at school and college, meetings at work, large social functions,
      > likely you'll have to sit next to a stranger... Not to mention
      > restaurants and bars....
      > >
      > >Amen. Ditto, etc.
      > >
      > >I think the "stranger avoidance" tendency is a behavior based
      > >learned attitudes and expectations ("people you don't know
      > >dangerous"). It had better be -- six-headed-for-ten billion
      > >are not gonna be able to live in private bubbles.
      > >
      > >
      > > -Doug
      > >---
      > > Doug Salzmann
      > > Kalliergo
      > > Post Office Box 307
      > > Corte Madera, CA 94976 USA
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