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7507Re: [carfree_cities] PRT anti-transit Disinformation

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  • Richard Risemberg
    Jul 13, 2004
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      Subject: Re: [carfree_cities] PRT anti-transit Disinformation

      Enjoying this thread but have just spent a day with 1250 11-16 year olds. Do
      we have to have foul language here too?

      sorry to moan folks!! but the English langage is a beautiful thing and there
      are other ways to express disgust/emphasise points.

      C'est moi, le vulgaire. I too love the English language; as anyone who reads any of my stuff in New Colonist will see, I take great care in trying to use it gracefully, and occasionally succeed. I also don't mind sometimes using a word that shows up prominently in English writers from Chaucer to Lawrence, all of whom wrote long before Miller and the rappers, if it serve properly to express a profoundly visceral indignation, an intense weariness with the smallminded lies we are constantly force-fed. The disdain of native English terms in favor of Latinate ones for certain expressions derives from the Norman conquest and the view of the English language as the domain of serfs, not rulers. I love French too and am fluent in it, but real English serves better to express irritation.

      This rant is actually tangentially germane to our discussion, as the disdain of "vulgar" English relates to the disdain of the crowd, of the peasant, of the tradesman, of riding the bus, of living near others, of the commons, and ultimately of the carfree sustainable city. We are constantly told we are worthy only when we live like kings in isolated towers, looking down on the hoi polloi; and we have based our transport lately on mobile towers that make us lonely slaves to our self-delusions. That is the problem behind the problem that we must eventually discuss, as it is the foundation of many of the arguments against our goals, and against city living in general.

      By the way, if it is so innately undesireable that we sit with strangers now and then, why is it so much fun to eat out?

      Desolé de vous avoir derangé,

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