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7502Re: [carfree_cities] transit and the single rider

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  • Steve Geller
    Jul 13, 2004
      > >...I wonder if transit would get a whole lot more popular if most of the
      > >seats were singles?
      >I'm always baffled when I hear comments like this. Those who "don't like
      >to sit next to strangers" would do themselves a tremendous service to get
      >out of their comfort zones and rub shoulders with the "other" once in a
      >while. After experiencing this sort of thing for a while, many people
      >choose it.

      I ride buses a lot, but I can't say I "choose" being close to strangers.
      I just put up with it as part of bus riding.

      The aversion to strangers is very real. You must have seen people who
      will sit in the outer of a pair of seats, making it difficult for
      someone to get into the other seat.

      I do enjoy "people watching". It's one of the big upsides
      of transit riding.
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