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7483Re: a man's castle is his city

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  • billt44hk
    Jul 7 4:08 PM
      I liked the article but as Simon implies some North Americans may
      sentimentalise European cities somewhat.
      From the article in question:
      >Just as important, Paris exists within a legislative and economic
      >framework that has allowed it to maintain and improve its
      >infrastructure. Every French taxpayer spends the equivalent of $75
      >annually on its upkeep.
      Hmm, at the expense of other cities or what?
      I wonder what exactly is meant by this. Is there a direct upfront
      $75 demanded in black and white on every taxpayers account 'For the
      upkeep of Paris' or is this some computation of the French state
      subsidy to the capital city?
      London is often described as a great city-not in quite with the same
      kind of affection bestowed on Paris of course, but its predominance
      is resented by the nation's majority who live in other cities in
      the UK. I would have thought many French must feel the same way
      about Paris. If the British Government were to demand $75 per head
      for the upkeep of London they would get short shrift from the
      nations taxpayers already underwhelmed by the capital's overblown
      self-importance, the manner in which it's already subsidised and
      favoured by national planning polies to the detriment of provincial
      towns and cities .
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