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7462Re: [carfree_cities] a man's castle is his city

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  • Simon Baddeley
    Jun 27, 2004
      Dear Colin

      Thanks for this. How beautiful. I shall keep it - turn it into a sampler
      perhaps ..... certainly quote it again.

      I think the idea is fine - but you must also know the phrase "an
      Englishman's home is his castle". Don't put Europe - or my reluctant bit of
      it - on any pedestal. Some of the most eloquent and well argued critiques of
      auto-dependency (including that word) have come from N.America.



      Simon Baddeley
      Handsworth Park Association
      Birmingham B20 3TG, UK

      On 27/6/04 2:33 pm, "Colin Leath" <cleath@...> wrote:

      > "Ultimately, the difference reflects something about
      > our relationship with the world around us. The North
      > American ideal, which in many ways is profoundly
      > anti-urban, is based not on the family, as we like to
      > think, but on the home. Home is a place, a man's
      > castle, inviolate and separate from what's around it.
      > In Europe, on the other hand, a man's castle is his
      > city. It is living room, dining room, backyard and
      > vehicle. The streets are his hallways and the parks
      > his garden."
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