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7456To hell with oil

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  • kplcards
    Jun 23, 2004
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      The sooner we run out of oil the better .

      If we are ever going retake our living space for life and not automobiles
      we need to do more then just talk - what good does talk do if doesn't lead
      to action ?

      The auto industry will just find a different poison to replace oil

      Recent UK Guardian ? article

      Baltimore wants to turn itself into a 'clean' energy company, so might want
      to take a look at algae. Scientits at the University of New Hampshire in
      the US have discovered that you can make biodiesel, which can run in normal
      diesel engines, from algae. The fast-growing oil-rich algae can be
      cultivated in shallow salt water pools in currently barren deserts and fed
      on human and animal waste, the processing produces useful methanol as a
      by-product and the waste material is nitrogen-rich fertiliser. To supply
      the entire US would take up only 9% of one American desert, the Sonora, and
      the total cost of productIon is half of the amount spent by the US on crude
      oil alone, never mind oil refinement. Should Baftimore be looking to
      cultivate pond life after all "

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