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7448Re: [carfree_cities] the end of civilization (was: Is the oil dependence problem on the radar?)

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  • Richard Risemberg
    Jun 19, 2004
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      Doug Salzmann wrote:

      > That may be true. It depends, mostly, on the specific forces
      > unleashed during the death throes of the mainstream culture. If it
      > goes out with a whimper, collapsing and crumbling rather than
      > exploding, there may remain pockets of survival and cultural
      > persistence.

      The initial effects will be economic, and those who have the power will
      do whatever they can to gather the remains to themselves, resulting in a
      world of even more widespread poverty than today's. I think that's part
      of the perhaps unconscious program of what I call the New Feudalists: to
      establish a structure that allows for vast hordes of miserable poor to
      support a tiny elite.

      However, if communications remain as cheap as they are now--and there's
      no guarantee that they will, or that structures such as the Internet
      won't be entirely privatized in the end to become the trivialzed and
      consored domains of the remains of the corporate class--but *if*
      communications remain cheap and widespread, it could provide fertile
      soil for a revolution.

      If such a scenario comes about--and part of our goal is to evade that by
      establishing, or at least facilitating the establishment of, a better
      way to live--then our work becomes to try to bring about a peaceful
      Ghandian revolution, rather than the usual mess. Ghandi won by ignoring
      the British Raj, living separately within it, enmeshed with it yet not
      dependent. A revolution of giving rather than taking.

      Richard Risemberg

      "Until you stop looking for simple answers, you will not be happy. You
      will not even be human."

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