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7447Is the oil dependence problem on the radar?

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  • Steve Geller
    Jun 19, 2004
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      >The character of the catastrophe we are discussing allows no
      >refuges of this kind. It's more like The Flood, only without the Ark. This
      >isn't about removing yourself from the mainstream of a society you don't
      >like. There will be no place to go.

      We'll have to change our ways. We don't burn wood or peat like we used to.
      There's still coal. There might even be some surprise oil formations,
      or some new technology to cheaply process marginal oil formations.

      If none of this takes place, we're simply going to have to get most
      our energy from something besides oil. There's still wind, geothermal,
      hydro, tides, waves and of course the sun.

      And don't forget nuclear power. Maybe the members of the "nuke club"
      will get together and reprocess spent fuel elements for another
      trip through the reactors, instead of making the stuff into WMDs.
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