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7444Re: [carfree_cities] Is the oil dependence problem on the radar?

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  • Doug Salzmann
    Jun 19 1:09 PM
      Ken wrote:

      > > Simon Baddeley said:
      > >
      > > "To some it's like being on the Titanic"
      > >
      > > It definately seems that way to me. I really doubt there's a way to change
      > > course or to reverse the engines. I think a better plan is to make ready the
      > > lifeboats and prepare to abandon ship.

      To which Simon responded:

      On Sat, 19 Jun 2004, Simon Baddeley wrote:

      > Trouble with the Titanic metaphor is that although it was risky there was at
      > least a place to bale out to. Barring planetary colonisation there's nowhere
      > else for us - sinners and saints alike - to go.
      > We all hang together or we all hang separately.

      I think Ken means that the prospects for altering the course of
      mainstream culture seem remote, and that those of us who clearly
      see the looming iceberg can most usefully focus our energies, at this
      late date, on strategies for survival and rescue.

      Sadly, I think Ken is correct. It appears very unlikely that
      global techno-industrial society will even recognize that destruction
      is around the corner in time to take corrective action, let alone
      actually implement such action. The only chance, I think, is for the
      relatively alert and enlightened among us to work to establish and
      support as many pockets and corners of sustainable culture as

      As Ken Said earlier, each of these projects is likely to be different
      from the others, and that's a very good thing -- it's how evolution

      Here an Illichville, there an Arcosanti, over there an implementation
      of the Reference Design... We need to try it all.

      As for hanging together, I'm afraid that hanging with the dominant
      culture means that we will all *choke* together -- in our own wastes.


      "Trees cause more pollution than automobiles do."

      -Ronald Wilson Reagan, 1981

      Doug Salzmann
      Post Office Box 307
      Corte Madera, CA 94976 USA

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