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7442Re: [carfree_cities] Is the oil dependence problem on the radar?

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  • Simon Baddeley
    Jun 18, 2004
      Wow. The great Ken Avidor. My hero. Sorry for embarrassing you!

      Trouble with the Titanic metaphor is that although it was risky there was at
      least a place to bale out to. Barring planetary colonisation there's nowhere
      else for us - sinners and saints alike - to go.

      We all hang together or we all hang separately.


      On 18/6/04 11:36 pm, "kenavidor" <kenavidor@...> wrote:

      > Simon Baddeley said:
      > "To some it's like being on the Titanic"
      > It definately seems that way to me. I really doubt there's a way to change
      > course or to reverse the engines. I think a better plan is to make ready the
      > lifeboats and prepare to abandon ship.
      > Ken Avidor
      > Minneapolis
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