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7379Re: [carfree_cities] Is the oil dependence problem on the radar?

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  • Steve Geller
    Jun 7, 2004
      >Matt says:

      >it seems that you are arguing that Muslims are more likely to be terrorists
      >because of their religion!

      Terrorists these days are just more likely to use Islam to justify their
      activities. Being a Muslim doesn't make one a terrorist.

      > I certainly don't believe that links can be made
      >between religion and terrorism in the sense that people of a certain
      >religion are more likely to be terrorists. I have grown up in the UK and we
      >have lived with terrorism linked to 'the troubles' in Ireland, a conflict
      >between two demonimations of Christianity.

      Interesting typoe -- religion in N. Ireland certainly was "demonimized".
      But that conflict has been quiet recently, as the world concentrates
      on the Islamic demons of jihad.

      >I think it is a great shame that the US is increasingly perceived as a
      >Christian country globally rather than a 'free' country. I thought the US
      >Constitution seperated church and state (is this true?)

      Yes, it's true, but some of the evangelicals keep trying to make
      the US into a Christian theocracy. Our current President draws
      much of his political support from his fellow evangelicals.

      There's no reason for Islam and Christianity to be in conflict,
      unless one believes there's only one "true" religion. People wouldn't
      be much concerned with Muslims if it weren't for oil and Israel.

      In fact, I suggest that if the oil in the Arab countries dried up,
      terrorism would shift its base to some other region and religion.

      The world is very dependent on oil, especially the US.
      As the oil becomes scarce, there will be conflict.
      Ideally, we should shift to powering transportation with
      renewable energy. But right now, the threat is not perceived
      as immediate. Maybe someone should do another film like
      "Day After Tomorrow" but about what happens when the oil runs out.
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