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7372Re: [carfree_cities] Is the oil dependence problem on the radar?

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  • Steve Geller
    Jun 4, 2004
      Dependence on foreign oil is a problem, but I don't think it has
      much to do with terrorism. The US gets a lot of its foreign oil from
      Venezuela, for example. The terrorists are mostly Muslims, but
      do most Muslims live in oil-producing countries?

      If Saudi Arabia cut off the US oil, they'd be invaded, and they know that.

      Saudi is a major producer. But imagine what would happen to
      the terrorist situation if some non-Muslim region turned up
      a bigger oil deposit, just as the Saudi output began to dwindle.
      Did Eskimos become terrorists when oil was discovered in Alaska?
      Did the Scots become terrorists because of North Sea oil?

      As oil begins to dwindle globally, there will be a struggle for
      the remaining supplies, but I don't see this becoming a Muslim-Infidel
      struggle. That insanity is pure religion; no oil necessary.

      Oil dependence is not prominent on the political radar because most
      people are childishly confident that more oil will turn up -- or we'll go
      to a Hydrogen energy economy or something. Anyhow, they are sure
      car driving will go on forever.
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